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Size Matters - Step-by-step directions in finding the perfect fit

Posted by Nicole G. on 1/31/2017 to General
Size Matters - Step-by-step directions in finding the perfect fit

One of the biggest issues online consumers face is finding the right item size. We see a picture of a jacket online, fall in love with the item, but then comes the big question- what size should I order? Many different websites offer a variety of ways to make sure you order the perfect size, and I will list them out here to help you find your perfect fit.

First things first- what is your correct chest size? When was the last time you measured your chest? Do you even know how? Let me help you. First you want to find a garment tape measure. Put the tape measure around your chest and underneath your underarms. Best spot is at the widest part of your chest, you too ladies. Once you have it fitting snug, you want to take in a deep breath and expand your chest which will move the tape measure out just a tad. From there you can look down and see your chest size. That was pretty easy and now we are ready to find our perfect sized jacket.

Depending on the website you will find a variety of ways to help you find the perfect size. Most websites will offer a sizing chart. Legendary USA will show you the measurements of the garment laying flat on a table. Meaning, the measurements are only of ½ of the jacket, so just the front half or just the back half, not all the way around. Different websites may give you the all the way around measurements, it should clarify that on the website.

When looking at the sizing chart the main measurements to watch are: Chest (width), Sleeve (length), Back (length), Waist/Bottom (width), and Shoulder (width). The most important of the 5 is chest, but the other measurements are important too depending on your body shape. If you are 6 feet or taller, the back and sleeve measurements will be important to you in case you need to size up to a longer version. If you have a larger waist, you want to pay close attention to the waist/bottom measurement to make sure it won’t be too tight. If you are a body builder or have very broad shoulders, you will want to pay close attention to the shoulder measurement. Some websites will show more than these 5 measurements, but these are the most important to find that perfect fit.

Next, some websites (like Legendary USA) will offer a “sizing guide” which will tell you the fit of the garment. The three most typical fits are: Trim, True and Roomy. On top of that you may also find a note stating whether or not you should order a size up, size down, or order your normal size. This can really help you narrow down your choices and get you one step closer to that “Add to Cart” button.

Customer reviews can also be a huge help. Since everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, it can be helpful to see how the item fit on others. The reviews may also include the person’s height, weight, and normal size so you can see how they chose their size to order.  I recommend reading at least 5 fit reviews to help you decide.

Finally if all else fails and you don’t know where to turn- you can always call, email or chat with the company and have someone who knows the jacket help you decide. Customer service representatives have helped many people before ordering the right size for them, and they can help you too. Make sure you know your chest size before contacting them so it will make it easier for them to help. Most websites have a call or chat button on every page so it is easy to talk to a live person and get the information you need to place your order and have your new jacket to you in no time!

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