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Vintage Electric Tracker Electric Bike

Vintage Electric
Vintage Electric Tracker Electric Bike
Speed • 20/36* MPH | Range • 25-50 miles | Charge Time • 3 hours

Vintage Electric Tracker Electric Bike

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  • Fastest Electric Bike - up to 36 MPH in Race Mode*
  • Hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Delivered & assembled by your local Bike Shop
  • Two-year warranty

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Indy Red
Graphite Blue
Luggage Rack
No Rack
Rack (+$289)
Rack w/One Pannier (+$438)
Rack w/Two Panniers (+$587)
Race Mode help
*Race Mode Unlock (up to 36 MPH - private property only +$149)


$199 Delivery/Set-up @ your local Bike Shop
Much like the Harleys, Indians and Flying Merkels that ruled the raceways of the early 20th century, the Tracker electric bike exemplifies the relationship of human and machine that drives us. As long as vehicles have existed, so has racing, and early motorcycle racing was one of the purest and most visceral examples of the relentless pursuit of speed. That instinct has always consumed us and we’d like to think that the Tracker has channeled that spirit.

Buying a vintage-style electric bike is a life changing investment. We craft each bike to provide the ride of your life and to last for generations. With no insurance, registration or fuel costs hanging over your head, we provide the easiest, most exciting path to two wheeled adventures. Our world class products, concierge delivery, and unrivaled customer service make it easier than ever to enjoy the freedom of a new era of transportation.

There is a $199 shipping/delivery fee, as each shipment box weighs approx. 100 lbs. The Vintage Electric Tracker Bike is delivered to a local bike shop in your area, assembled by professional mechanics and available for pickup.

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