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Pacific Coast X-KD's Polarized Lens Sunglasses

Pacific Coast X-KD's Polarized Lens Sunglasses
Super dark lens

Pacific Coast X-KD's Polarized Lens Sunglasses

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Retail Price:$19.95
Your Savings:$4.96(25%)

Sizing Guide:

Fits Medium-Large faces.

  • 20% larger than Original KD's
  • Polarized grey lens
  • FREE Microfiber storage pouch with purchase
  • FREE KD's Sunglass Retainer with purchase
For those riders who like the style of the Original KD's but are looking for a larger frame, the X-KD's are 20 percent larger. These men's black polarized sunglasses offer better function and versatility than conventional options. Polarized lenses dramatically reduce reflective glare off of water, highways and other reflective surfaces. Eye fatique associated with prolonged exposure to the sun's glare is effectively diminished.  This black framed sunglass has been extremely popular with bikers for over 60 years because they stay on your head and keep the wind out of your eyes by fitting tightly on the temples and nosebridge. And most importantly, KD sunglasses look great on men and women.

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