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Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP Conditioner

Brand:  Obenauf
Made in USA
Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP Conditioner

Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP Conditioner

Brand:  Obenauf

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  • Blend of beeswax, propolis & natural oils
  • Works on many types of leathers
  • Proudly Made in USA

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Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP protects and preserves leather that takes a beating on a daily basis. Three natural oils are held in a beeswax/propolis suspension formula. In the leather, these oils gradually seep out of this wax/resin providing a time-release lubrication to inner fibers while reinforcing the surface against scuffing. If exposed to heat or constant flexing the oils are released faster, so leather gets oiled instead of parched and cracked, yet the leather still breathes. Recommended for work boots, saddle bags & chaps, motorcycle leathers, belts, holsters, sheathes, etc. Available in 4 oz & 8 oz container. If you're feeling unsure about committing to a larger size, check out the trial-sized Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP!

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