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Jacket Tatts - History of the Souvenir Jacket

Posted by Nicole G. on 2/24/2017 to General
Jacket Tatts - History of the Souvenir Jacket

Past and Present of the Souvenir Jacket

Souvenir jackets have been seen all over the runway recently. Some may just think this is a new style, but it actually started over 60 years ago and has just evolved into one of the biggest trends of 2016-2017. What was once a memento of a soldier’s time overseas has now become a fashion staple piece.

The souvenir jacket (also known as the Sukajan jacket) started right after WWII. American soldiers who were in stationed in Japan wanted to bring home a memento or a souvenir of their time overseas. So they would take commissioned jackets of rayon and silk and have traditional pictures and symbols hand embroidered onto the jackets. Some would also combine American pictures and symbols. The most common styles included: Dragons, Koi, Tigers, Eagles and even maps. It was essentially a tattoo for your jacket - expressing the individuality and experiences of the owner.

When the soldiers came back home and their family and friends saw this new styled jacket the popularity started. Over the years celebrities like Mick Jagger, Katy Perry, Pharell, Drake and Kanye have all sported different styles of Souvenir Jackets. Today the fashion world is obsessed over these historical replicas and they are EVERYWHERE. They come in all different colors and styles, for men, women, children and even your pets. Spring 2017 fashion has shown that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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